About Us

About Us

What if, by buying food for your family, you could also provide food and water for children and families in Africa? This is one of the purposes of Eat Well Café.

Eat Well Café is a project of the Heritage Community Development Group, a Michigan-based, ecclesiastical organization.

“Beyond eating…” is more than just a slogan at our café – it is our mission! Through this restaurant, customers are able to fund local and global outreach programs like building water wells for communities with no clean water in Kenya. We also support programs to help the homeless in Macomb County and support programs in Detroit, which will include education and job training for single moms.

Beyond the mission, Eat Well Café will offer organic, free trade coffee supplied by Great Lakes Roasting Company and “3rd wave” coffee selections, which is a first in Macomb County. The food menu has been carefully created by an award-winning chef and includes many selections you won’t be able to find at other quick-service style restaurants. We are excited to give our customers an unmatched experience with quality food and drink selections. It’s awesome to know that each meal or coffee that you purchase makes a difference in the lives of others.

Nestled in the heart of Sterling Heights at M-59 and Schoenherr Rd, across from Lakeside Mall and next to Hobby Lobby, Eat Well Café provides easy access from all directions in Macomb County. We also offer free WiFi.  See you at the café!




The proceeds from each purchase allow us to provide clean water to local tribes in Kenya, Africa.  In this region, the mortality rate for newborns is 8 out of 10 due to unclean drinking water.

(Image) Pokot Tribe in Africa



Our Community

There are over 7,000 homeless people in Macomb County.  As a result, we proudly support organizations such as MCREST to help families regain the stability they need to succeed.  We also support the LifeBuilders organization in Detroit as they strive to revitalize the community.

(Image) A team at LifeBuilders

MakE a Difference

At the Eat Well Café, we’re not interested in simply giving a “handout” to those in need. Our objective is to give them a “hand up” which allows people to maintain their dignity while helping them improve their quality of life.  This allows us to avoid “toxic charity” which can be harmful to those we are seeking to help.

Change a life

Sometimes the big needs in the world can seem daunting.  We can become paralyzed at the thought of tackling these issues.  You can’t help everyone, but you can help someone!  We encourage our customers to make a difference in the world.  You can do this by “rounding up” to the nearest dollar at the café to support those in need.


we’re waiting for you!

We can’t wait to serve you and your family at the Eat Well Café.  Try one of our delicious soups or sandwiches along with a specialty coffee today!
Call us at 586-884-4197 or click here to view our full menu.